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How Mismatched Commercial Truck Tires Cause Bigger Problems

Nov. 08, 2019

When the tread depth of a  Truck Tires decreases, that means the overall size of the tire itself decreases as well.  The potential difference in size between a brand-new tire and one of the same models that has been worn down is often an inch or more. This can cause several issues.

First, there’s the obvious problem that this puts uneven strain on the tires themselves.  The worn-down tire must necessarily travel further and\or faster to keep up with the new tire, because its diameter has decreased.  So, in this situation, the worn tire will scrub and wear out even faster, which in turn greatly increases your cost of operating per mile.

In extreme situations, such as one where one side of a vehicle is significantly lower than the other side, this can even cause additional wear and lower lifespans for all tires involved.

The other big problem can come from 4WD or AWD vehicles with a drivetrain that relies on a differential to get constant velocity from all wheels – particularly those relying on computer monitoring of wheel speeds.  The differential systems which normally only engage on tight curves or slippery surfaces may end up running 100% of the time due to the Off-Road Wheel never having equal rotational speeds.  This will put huge extra burdens on your drivetrain and axles, greatly reducing their lifespan and increasing the odds of mechanical failure.

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