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Four Big Innovations in Car Tire Retreading

Oct. 25, 2019

As a technology,  car tire retreading continues to advance alongside other shipping tech.  Retreading has existed for about a century, and every decade brings improvements:  Easier methods of retreading, better lifespans, and improved all-around results for owners.

Today is no different. Car Tire retreading is better than ever, with even more benefits to owners and fleet managers.   These are just a few of the ways modern retreaded tires are the best yet.

Four Big New Improvements in Tire Retreading

1. Automation

Automation has made its way into tire retreading, and it’s improving both speed and quality of the finished product.  Many processes which had to be done by hand in the past, such as buffing away the old tread or performing QC inspection, can now be done as part of automated processes.   However, some processes like the Michelin one have more automation than others.

2. Improved Quality Control

Going hand-in-hand with automation is the steady improvement in sensors for computer systems.  Retreaded tires are still visually inspected, but computer systems are being used more and more to assist in producing higher quality retreads. One example is sensors on the buffer to ensure proper buff depth and radius based on individual information from the tire.

3. More and Better Synthetic Rubber

One of the big problems with car tires, in general, is that their rubber is a petroleum product.  That means they aren’t eco-friendly, and the prices of tires can fluctuate alongside other petroleum-based products.  That’s why so many companies are investing in synthetic rubber research.  Every year, new formulations come out that find ways to replace more natural rubber with synthetics, without compromising quality. Synthetic rubber also increases the durability of the tire, thereby decreasing the wear.

4. Better Warranty Guarantees

It surprises some people to learn that the vast majority of tire retreading operations are directly associated with a major tire manufacturer, such as Michelin.  Tire companies enthusiastically embraced retreading as a cost-cutting measure too!  As the technology has improved, they’ve begun offering warranties which are identical to what new tires get – even for tires which have gotten multiple retreads!

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