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Use and maintenance of skidsteer tyre

Sep. 14, 2019

Skidsteer tyre is a very important part of wheel loaders, which are not only directly related to travel, but also to the weight of equipment. Once the tyre is out of order, the loader will face a shutdown, even an accident.The good service and overhaul of the tyre can prolong the service life of the tyre to a great extent. This will not only reduce the cost of equipment wear, and even greater safety factor.

0.jpg1, in the rock work site use tyre special protection chain, reduce the damage of rock materials such as tyre.2, the coaxial tyre, its degree of wear should be roughly consistent, that is, as far as possible to adopt simultaneous replacement principle.3, in order to reduce the cost of use, the rear axle drive tyres can be renovated tyres, and the front axle drive tyres should be avoided.We can also supply the high quality OTR tyrecar tyre etc. If you need, welcome to contact us.

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