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How to maintain car tyres

Aug. 18, 2019

Car tyres are relatively large parts of the car wear, Only know the correct knowledge about the maintenance of car tyres, can we extend the life of the tire, both fuel-efficient and ensure safety. It's a economic way.

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1. Regularly check the tire pressure.Tire pressure is an important factor affecting tyre life, not too high or too low, according to the vehicle marked tire pressure to inflate.

2. Always check the wear of the tyre. Mainly observe the treads depth on both sides of the tyres is consistent.

3. Timely removal the small stones and other foreign matter in car tyres .The foreign body in tyres is potentially dangerous, which is easy to fly out when drving.

4. Rotate the tire on time.

5. Timing for four wheel positioning.

6. Timely tires.We also provide high quality TBR TyreIndustrial Tyre and other tyres, if you want to know about the knowledge of all kinds of tyres, welcome to contact us.

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