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The rubber formula in the car tyre

Aug. 09, 2019

The rubber formulation in the car tyre contains a variety of ingredients, which are also known as compounding agents. Each ingredient plays a different role in the compound.

1.Raw rubber the main material of the recipe , can be a single species, can also be two or more kinds of rubber and use, or for rubber and plastic blends.

2. The vulcanization system includes a vulcanizing agent, a promoter and an active agent.

3. Reinforcing Filling System The reinforcing agent includes various types of carbon black and silica, which are reinforcing in the compound.

4. The main function of the protective system in the formula is to prevent the rubber products in the storage and storage from light, heat, oxygen in the air to occur degradation, or further crosslinking, hardening and other aging phenomenon.

5. Processing aids include various operating oils, plasticizers, homogenizers, dispersants, and the like

.6.The function of adhesive system is to increase the rubber and skeleton materials such as steel cord, fiber, fabric bonding between

7. Other components such as colorants, coupling agents, antistatic agents, foaming agents, solvents and the likeWe are TBR TyrePCR Tyre and other tyres supplier. Any requirements, we are here for you.


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