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The logo rhino tire usa of car tyres

Aug. 06, 2019

The most common marks on the car tyre is the tyre brand first, the tyre size second, and the load index and speed logo. For example, the most common tyre type 205 / 55R16 92V on the market, the frontmost numeral 205 represents the tyre width (mm), and the 55 represents the flatness ratio (percentage of wall cross-section height and cross-sectional width) , "R" stands for the word RADIAL, which means radial tyre; 16, wheel rim diameter is 16 inches; 92 stands for load factor; V stands for speed coefficient.

DOT on behalf of the United States Department of Transportation. This number is located on the lower sidewall of each tyre, indicating that the tyre meets or exceeds the Department of Transportation's safety standards.

Understand the tyre D.O.T. Number:

TCXW: tyre origin informationJ

CMR: Factory Code and Pattern Code

1417: Tyre Manufacturing Date (Week 14, 2017)In the meantime, the car tyres are various,include Truck Tyre,OTR Tyre.Learn to know the logo of the car tyres is very important.
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